Molto Luce Austria
For more than 35 years, Molto Luce's focus has been on light. Light in all of its facets. This is product design in its most beautiful form combined with an excellent performance and a comprehensive planning expertise to build an overall package of aesthetics, performance and functionality. Professional light solutions for different kinds of interior spaces - shops, hotels, restaurants, medical practices, universities, company premises or living spaces.

The luminaires are customized for highly diverse needs and situations. In addition, they form overall conclusive concepts. As a result, interior spaces are optimally illuminated: light is available where needed, creating a specific atmosphere. Light colour, output and efficiency are perfectly tailored to the space situation. Architecture, interior design and illumination form a deliberate symbiosis. In the end, it is not about brightness as such, but rather about an increased efficiency, mood and comfort as well as a higher degree of flexibility, performance and efficiency.