Zanotta Italy
The story of Zanotta is of one intuition —of risk taking, curiosity, reward and, above all, accomplishment— written over six fruitful decades. In that span, the brand has churned out a staggering total of 550 designs, with almost a fifth residing in permanent collections at the most prestigious museums and institutions around the world, represented by 330 individual pieces.
And while its position in the pages of design history becomes ever-more rarefied, Zanotta’s creations are intended for much more than collecting dust behind glass walls and velvet rope. Every piece, rather, is deliberately designed for active enjoyment in daily life.
Founded on the philosophy that culture and profit aren’t at odds; convinced that the furniture industry mustn’t simply bend, passively, to public demand, but must actively anticipate future needs; and espousing both exceptional form and uncompromising function, the Zanotta company and catalogue remain true originals.
“Zanotta simultaneously represents both the past and the present of international design...

The brand expresses a vision of the world, a philosophy that has always strived to go beyond the present in order to identify languages and products able to speak ‘forever.’ 

In its catalogue Zanotta has many lifelong bestsellers. This is evidence that if you work well, the past is never a burden, but an opportunity.” Aldo Colonetti